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January 03, 2013



thank you for sharing your recipes! I am all about juicing and have tried many different types of juices. I have tried juicing at home but it gets time consuming and frustrating so I tried myJuice Crafters in LA. They have a three day cleanse program that altered my physical and mental state. It is really nice to be able to pick up my juices from them rather then making them myself. I recommend Juice Crafters if you are in LA and do not want to make the juice at home!

Detox Benefits

Really I'm impressed out of this post…The one that created this post can be a genius and learns how to keep your readers connected..Thank you for sharing this with us. I uncovered it informative and interesting. Excited for much more updates.

Brian Christensen

Thanks for posting in such detail, this post has been my go-to reference for the past 3 days.

Looking forward to some solid food tomorrow, however!

CNA Training

This is a very precious information. What I like about this is it teaches not only physical detox, but once well being. Thank you for the knowledge.


When it comes to fitness DVDs, the variety is endless. There are 2 factors to keep in mind
when relying on these liquid meal replacements.

Aromatherapy scents

Yes, juice and other liquid diet is very good in summers because it complete the need of our body.

Arizona Massage

i appreciate your sharing, juice is very important for good health.



i always prefer detox and I would definitely not use the coconut oil as I thought this was was too waxy for my taste and it never blended right. Any suggestions? I like coconut so I want to keep it in there if possible.

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