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January 17, 2013


Derek Moore

How do the Bee keepers remove the pollen without harming the bees? I read some time ago that the sharp blades used to collect the pollen sometimes cut the bees extremities which put me off buying.

Edith Meyer

Thank you, dear Fresh-Network, for this article on Bee Pollen!
I love bee pollen, after I learned to know them by Dr Cousens' books. It's such a great food, bees are such blessed animals. They can help on many ways. Dr Cousens recommends to take 40 grams of it every day, because such an amount gives all essential amino acids as a daily need. I do that since about 8 years, and especially my brain does do very very well with it. I had a severe road accident at 4.8.08, having skull fractures and 6 different brain bleedings. After I came out of the hospital I ate again my Bee pollen, and it helped me greatly at gaining back my intellectual capacities, though I'm still all of a sudden forgetful. After that accident I got more asthma and colds, for which the bees didn't manage to supply the best medicine...
It's a pity nowadays, that people don't respect the bees like at days of yore: Bee keepers nowadays usually take them away all pollen and honey, and than they feed them sugar syrup. On that way the quality of the pollen and honey diminished severely. But, however, big happiness for people like you and me, who try to find good bee keepers. They still exist! They take only half of the pollen and honey, so that the bees are capable to feed their children with their own home made products. Such pollen and honey tastes very good and strongly typical as bee manufactures.
Probably it's a bad truth, that Bee pollen from the pharmacists, health food shops and supermarkets are not good enough to supply the needed daily amount of amino acids. These products are far too old and form bad bee keepers.
You can find the best Bee pollen forsure at Orkos in France.

Edith Meyer

Something I forgot to say, I'm sorry for that:
If you are a starter of a raw food diet, and you have problems with your intestines by having often diarrhoea, it means that you don't have enough enzymes to digest your raw and living foods. Bee pollen are marvellous remedy against that. Take one cup each day, and the diarrhoea will dissapear. God created these holy animals for helping people who try to respect creation and life on this earth. Do never forget, the bees couldn't do their great work without being instruments into the hand of god...

Fresh Network

Hello Edith, Thank you very much for your comments.

Percie Du Sert similarly from france, also has excellent Fresh Frozen Pollen. It is derived in a way using pollen harvested only from wild flowers grown in areas far away from heavy crop spraying.

The pollen is eventually packed with nitrogen in sealed containers and frozen. Unlike dried pollen which looses many of its properties during the drying process, Percie du Sert is a living food that keeps most of its original nutritional qualities.


You wrote:

"You'lll be pleased to know that bee keepers are able to remove pollen from hives without harming the bees or disturbing their routine."

Why then have we already found parts of bees (arms, legs...) in pollen?

Furthermore Pollen is not considered vegan, because it is stolen from the animals who collect it for their own needs.

Edith Meyer

Thank you, Fresh Network, for this second address!
It's true, frozen Pollen don't loose their nutritional qualities. Orkos recommends too, to store the pollen into the freezer or frigde.

Mark Nathan


I would like to contribute to this forum as a representative of Pollenergie, the French company that supplies frozen bee pollen.

How is the pollen collected?
A plastic grill is placed in front of the entrance to the hive (Here is a link to a picture There are round holes in the grill that are only slightly larger than a bee. When a bee returns carrying a pollen granule on each hind leg, it wriggles through one of the holes into the hive and usually loses ONE of the pollen granules.

The granule that falls off then falls down through some wire mesh into a little drawer.

The holes in the wire mesh are large enough to let pollen granules through into the drawer, but not bees!

The beekeeper then comes by every day or so, and empties the drawer (

You may well ask, is this fair on the bees?

Well, don’t forget that the beekeeper has probably moved the beehives into an area where there is lots of pollen to be gathered. It is obviously not in the beekeeper’s interest to weaken the colony. Beekeepers will only collect pollen in the right conditions, and will check inside the hive to make sure that the bees are getting enough pollen. Bees eat honey for energy, whereas pollen is their source of protein; they particularly need it in the “nursery” to raise young bees.

Why is there occasionally a bee leg in the pollen?
Bees like to keep the beehive clean. Inevitably some bees die naturally in the hive (a bee lives for around six weeks). These dead bees are pushed out of the hive, and since there is a pollen drawer in front of the hive, some of them fall into the pollen. Usually these are removed by filtering the pollen before it is packed, but very occasionally one gets through. It is not a health risk, bees are extremely clean insects that have even developed their own "detergent", in the form of propolis, to stop unwanted micro-organisms and bacteria growing in the hive.

It is true that a strict vegan should not eat pollen because animals are exploited in its production.

However, remember that bees are not captive, they can fly away and set up a new hive somewhere else if they want to (and they sometimes do if they feel the hive is getting crowded). Beekeepers and bees have a mutually beneficial relationship: the beekeeper moves the hives to areas rich in pollen, keeps an eye on the bees’ health, protects them from predators, and keeps the hive in a good state of repair; in return the bees let the beekeeeper take some of their pollen and honey (not all of it!)


Awesome article! This post has some very unique info on Bee Pollen. I just read another post about it on Natural News - - which has good info too but goes into studies and such more, whereas this one just focuses on the benefits. Both were very informative. I now realize how powerful bee pollen is as its being talked about everywhere now!

Steven V. McLaughlin

Thank you for the fantastic presentation of the article. It is very informative & helpful to learn something new. I heard that honey contributes a lot to get a healthy sexual life. Does bee pollen have the same contribution on getting a better sexual life?

Mark Nathan

Pollen has a longstanding reputation for improving athletic performance. This is probably because it contains B vitamins, which are important for maintaining energy levels; it also contains Vitamin E and selenium which interact to have a powerful antioxidant effect.

Willow pollen is particularly rich in folic acid, and we have had reports of fertility being improved as a result of regular consumption of this pollen. There is also the fact that pollen is the male seed of the plant, so perhaps there is a benefit on a psychological or spiritual level...

All in all, it seems likely that pollen can contribute to a better sex life from the point of view of reproduction.

Taking pollen can also help to give you glowing skin, healthy hair and bright eyes, and so it may also make you more attractive to your partner!


It's really very intriguing post. All the remarks are very helpful and very good. Thanks for circulating.

Easy Health

there is useful inofrmation here i much appreicte it thank you

Pregnancy symptoms week by week

I have been actually been taking it for a week now.I feel that it does help keep my energy up through the day.


i recently started bee pollen before i read this information, and i must say it is an excellent for the brain and an amazing energy booster

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I am truly pleased to read this blog posts which The Fresh Network Blog: 10 Reasons To Add Bee Pollen To Your Diet includes tons of valuable data, thanks for providing these data.


Where can I buy bee pollen?


Great article, after reading around it seems pollen can really help the body in many ways. My brother takes pollen in the morning and says it helps him wake up and concentrate. really magical stuff.


"Pollen is good for the intestinal flora and thereby supports the immune system.....bee pollen has antibiotic-type properties that can help protect the body from contracting viruses."

Antibiotics are used to treat bacteria, not viruses. Furthermore, if bee pollen is similar to an antibiotic, this would not be a good product for the intestinal flora. Antibiotics typically damage the probiotic (bacterial) balance of the intestinal flora.


Bee Pollen actually has many researched uses, one of the biggest is improving immune system, even better then honey, if you'd like to learn more here's a recent article:

Would also like to hear from anyone who's taken bee pollen for more than 3 months at a time?

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