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June 20, 2009


yafa sakkejha

Love this article! Great job, guys!


This is an excellent and intelligently written article, which I plan to share.

I personally have never worn sunscreens, other than in high school when it was elegant to wear Bain du Soleil! That only lasted through the one tube though.

Our family has always spent hours in the sun. I have noticed that in the years since becoming raw vegan, I don't burn at all.

The author did an excellent, comprehensive job writing this. The only thing I would add is that aloe gel (unmixed with any chemicals) is very nice on the skin, and usually freely available in tropical places. It's also great for the skin. Lily of the Desert is the brand I buy, as it is organic. I think you can drink it too, so it can't hurt your skin!

Happy Sun-bathing, and thanks to Sarah for writing an article worth sharing.


Max Tuck (Hippocrates Health Educator)

Great article! One thing that stuns me as well is what the Australians are doing. When I went there in 2000 everyone was using sunbeds in tanning salons and avoiding going out in the sun. Can you believe it? They considered their fabulous sunny climate to be dangerous and so everyone goes and lays on a UVA sunbed instead because they think it's safe! I have never seen so many tanning salons as I did when I was there. Madness.

Cora McCarthy

Thank's for this brilliant article, I have two grandsons, one is two and suffers eczema and the other is 18mths old. Last week the two year old suffered a major allergic reaction after two days of sunscreen. Yesterday my other grandson suffered the same allergic reaction following aftersun lotion with insecticide. I have now ordered them the non-toxic Caribbean Blue range and a copy of the article for their parents to read. Thanks again. Cora (Mid-Wales)

Well done for putting this article togther, it really makes a lot of sense.

ontario dermatologists

Thank you so much for bringing this up, it's a very informative blog.

Melanie Marley

Wow, I always knew something wasn't quiet right about sunscreens. When I go to the chemist and look at row upon row of very expensive screens, then have to buy factor 25 for the first couple of days holiday then downgrade to 15 then 10 and so on, costs a fortune and when it is big money business you know the general public are getting ripped somewhere! Not sure where the writer is coming from though with the 'evolving in the tropics' statement. As for me I am a wonderful creation of our Lord and now I have seen the 'light' I am totally enjoying the fruits and nutrients that he has provided us with.


Sunscreens always break me out. I really don't want wrinkles, but I guess its better than acne. Do you know if aloe acts as a suncreen?

Sarah responds: As far as we know, aloe is not a sunscreen itself. It is contained in many sunscreen products for its skin soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Vivian Chen

I'm impressed. You're truly well informed and very intelligent. You wrote something that people could understand and made the subject intriguing for everyone. I'm saving this for future use.


Nice pointers, i'll definitely share this information with my close friends. keep up the good work.


This article of all that you have written is my personal favorite.


Absolutely on track. I went through the whole "use sunscreen" belief system; I thought I had to, as I have always burnt very rapidly. But the comments about antioxidants being highly protective are spot on. Plus, if you don't want wrinkles- who does? then use a hat. And keep your hands covered up. That is always the giveaway as to one's real age; they tend to be forgotten about.

ryan gallina

Only thing he forgot to mention is to feed your skin natural things that help protect your skin after the exposure, like Aloe , Coconut oil and olive oil etc,etc, ! Use all natural organic of course


What sunscreens do you recommend that will not clog pores that do not contain any of the bad ingredients discussed in your article? I have *highly (extremely)* acne prone skin.

Fresh Network

Hi Ali,

We recommend Caribbean Blue as a great and natural sun protection range:
However, whilst we are certain of its superb quality, we haven't had any feedback with regards how well it works on acne prone skin.

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