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September 15, 2012


Paula Jo

I found a drastic difference between the taste of box supermarket (i.e. Safeway, Raley's, etc.) celery, and organic celery. The organic celery has so much more taste to it. Celery used to be like eating nothing. Now it tastes like something. As an aside, I found it interesting while watching movies from the 1930's that at meal time they served whole stalks of celery as a kind of appetizer (arranged in a vase-like celery holder that made them look like a flower arrangement!).

john polifronio

The old trick of eating raw, organic almond-butter, in the crevice of a celery stalk is one of the best nutritional tricks ever discovered. Using two ingredients, it gets as close to a breadless but delicious sandwich as you can, providing a nutritonal, green vegetable powerhouse, combined with super-nut based proteins, outstanding fats, and a wealth of vitamins and minerals.

Alaimo Ocasio

It is vital to feature healthy foods. We really need this because some of the food we eat are unhealthy, full of calories and toxins. This is a good reminder of staying healthy.

Have a healthy and happy life!

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