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August 17, 2012



Wonderful!!! Well said indeed xxx
We adore the stuff!


I love it , and since recommending it to two people I know with borderline dementia, I have noticed a great improvement in their general brain power!


Coconut Oil can be used in many ways, try it rubbed over your body/sin after bathing, whilst it is oily it absorbs and doesnt leave a greasy film, like many oils do; wash with it during bathing; use it on cuts, pimples and old scars. Even good on your hair, although it needs washing off unless you like the greesy look. Apply to any skin fungal infection too; athletes foot etc.
Do though remove a small portion of the coconut oil and place it in a separate container for applications such as this - for hygiene reasons!
Coconut oil can reach high temperatures during cooking without changing its structure; when fats change their structure they become dangerous when consumed.
Use as an alternative to butter or spread.


Thank you for the article..I actually have CFS and so upon reading that Coconut Oil can help alleviate symptons, I am now on a mission to track some down here in Melbourne..

Strawberry cocktail

excellent article. I enjoy the coconut and specially the water inside it. I mostly drink its water after cracking a fresh coconut.

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