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February 03, 2012



The following easy to implement tips for good digestion:

1. Eat in order of digestibility.
Eat foods that are fastest to digest first.
•Water & Juices: 20-30 minutes
•Fruits, Smoothies, Soups: 30-45 minutes
•Vegetables: 30-45 minutes
•Beans, Grains, Starches: 2-3 hours
•Meat, Fish, Poultry: 3 or more hours
2. Drink warm liquids with your meal. Warm drinks will encourage proper digestion.
3. Eat at regular meals times.
It has a regulating effect on your digestive system.
4. Be conscious of what you eat and your portion sizes.
The #1 cause of indigestion is over consumption.
5. Chew your food completely.
Large pieces of food in the stomach can cause digestive discomfort.
Also, a colon cleanse will help to because the colon is not designed to have food in it all the time and a cleanse will restore it and it will function properly.
Kathy, Puristat Digestive Specialist


I would really love to know how much money you spend on all your fruits, vegetables, herbs supplements and colonics/enema aids - it must be a small fortune!

Sandy Halliday

Good to hear your story Lori. Juicing certainly brings about a change in health.

Intensive juicing and coffee enemas cured my chronic fatigue many years ago and I have been a fan of detox ever since. It was not a juice fast though.

Since I discovered Green Smoothies I have had one every morning. I am really hooked on them!

Fresh Network

Hi L-A,
We find that healthy choices do not have to always be very expensive. We will be bringing more tips on following a detox-friendly lifestyle in the next few issues of our blog, so keep an eye on our updates if you want to find out more.


Hi L.A, I usually pre plan every juice feast at least 4 months in advance. so i slowly bought all the superfood powders and supplements during that time to spread the cost. All the supplements have lasted ages! The fruit, veg, nuts etc cost less than i used to spend when i was eating a standard british diet. I make sure i visit the veg stalls in my local town market - much cheaper. Hope that helped! Lori


Great information. Indeed, detox is important for good digestion, some herbal tea such as chamomile and ginger tea help to improve digestion to.

Cardio Workout

We are really more conscious about our eating plans, which directly effects our digestive systems and metabolism parts. So therefore we understand the effects and importance of diet plans.

Here in the above post we understand the importance of a healthy digestive systems which directly effects our health and diets.

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