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April 16, 2010



This is a great interview with Dr. Bisci. I learned a lot and some of what he said I was already thinking along those lines. Glad to know I'm in the right ballpark.

Thanks for sharing!

Natalie Sen N.D. Dip Ac

I agree with Dr Fred Bisci,
I am a Naturopath and see that my patients all react differntly on raw foods. But it is amazing for people with disease and ill health. I see A lot of raw foodist out there looking very pale & not well not a good advert for being raw. People thinking of going raw should contact a practitioner like Dr Fred or some one like me self as we are trained in anatomy and physiology. A raw food diet has to be taken seriousIy,I go raw in spring to autum and in the winter months I am 90% raw. Also After any one being on a raw food diet for a year or two Dr Fred is correct a blood test is a very good idea but prevention is better then cure!


Max Tuck

What a stunning example of the living foods lifestyle Dr Fred is. I would have liked an example of what exactly he eats, but it certainly sounds as though he is not of the high fruit predisposition that is currently alienating so many people.

Susan Laing

I currently work as a Naturopathic Iridologist and I also work with the 5 Chinese Elements. I could nt agree more with the wise words of Dr Fred Bisci. It is a bout treating people where they are at. And we can t forget about the emotional isssues too aswell as the sometimes necessary blood tests. I have seen a few 100% raw vegan foodists and they are not healthy. Just because someone is a 100% raw does not mean to say they are healthy. Idont think you can go wrong if you go to see someone who has knowledge in nutrition and who has experience of eating the raw diet too. This is one of the best articles I have read! Thank you for sharing

Raw Food Recipes Online

I agree there is a lot of misleading information. Many raw food enthusiasts out there and that's good but sometimes they seem to know it all. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for the other. It's a journey. Thank you for sharing Fred Bisci's invaluable insight.


The vitamin D factors for people of colour is key. Fred highlights that wisely. I became very healthy going raw, but ended up with a vitamin D deficiency (in good old, too cold not to wear coats this winter, Blighty.) I'm now having to mop up a strange development associated with the deficiency. Raw vegan is good with sound knowledge. The trouble is, some health educators are really only trained in a basic, superficial way. So what they pass on is for the mass and is not tailored for individuals. This can be dangerous. However, I do believe a living (high enzyme foods...sprouts etc) raw food, excercise and meditation lifestyle is a good thing for most long as they don't become terribly depressed at having to give up their cultural 'share' foods. I guess it's down to percentages and what needs to be achieved.


this actually kind of freaked me out a little bit...don't get me wrong, i loved the article and him, but...
i'm newly raw i jumped in, 100% a couple months ago. still detoxing (jumping in may not have been the best choice) but getting there. what he said about anasthetic scared me. i love being raw and have had no interest in introducing cooked foods back into my diet but the thought that i could run into trouble if i find myself in an emergency situation really scares me.

R. Churches

I had a friend whose mother had a tumor and while she did the diet she was great. I decided to make some changes and finally after many years to simply not eat starches with animal protein cleaned up my skin. I suffered terribly, have scars too. As a result I have reduced my meats tremendously, but have not been able to completely. Anyone have an email for the good doctor?

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