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September 03, 2009


The swine flu vaccine - will it be voluntary or mandatory?
I am interested in my health...
I want to know my options...
But most of all I want to choose myself what I want to do...
I found this article very helpful...

I sincerely thank you all for putting this information up there for all to read.

I will be forwarding this page on to my subscribers, colleagues, friends and family.


No way for Vaccines!!!! Might as well call it, "The death shot."

If it gets mandatory and I can NOT avoid getting the vaccine, I am confident that my MMS will work. I'll dose myself with MMS before and after and during the vaccination. That will take care of every possible risk of damaging my precious body.

Debbie Took

Many thanks for this article, Sarah - you are doing your readers an enormous service here, and with the future updates. I've signed the petition.

Bernard Kirby

Thank you for the info. I personally believe in
wheatgrass, sprouts and raw living food as the best method of guarding against swine flu or indeed any flu. I am totally against vaccination.


thankyou for the helpful information.....i think this is a time to make our voices heard


I won't be having the vaccine read the above article on how to avoid the shots

Joyce Clark

Thank you for the information. There should be a choice, and, only AFTER the vaccine has completed it's full trial, and it has been proved to be 100 percent safe.


I know for a fact (read it in the paper just this morning) that, although vaccination is strongly encouraged, it will NOT be mandatory in Québec (Canada). Whew! No way I'm getting vaccinated nor my child! Others can choose for themselves, I have no problem with that.

chung kim

Thankyou for the wonderful information-I will share with my friends&family. keep up with great work! chung


While I agree with much of your article I have to respond to: "If the vaccine works, everyone who’s had it is protected, so those who choose not to have it are only "harming" themselves."

...and risk infecting people who can't be vaccinated like those with leukemia, HIV, etc.

The point of herd immunity is to stop the virus. No vaccine is 100% effective so immunizing the "herd" can eliminate the disease. That's how we stopped smallpox.


An injuction has now been issued to stop mandatory vaccination, information on this url

Leah Marie

Thanks for the valuable information. Health is wealth.


Excellent article, i came across it via two other blogs [ dotconnectoruk & organic consumers association] i hope you don't mind i have posted it on my blog;
"Swine/avian flu the story so far"
I genuinely believe we can stop this plan in its tracks, too many people are waking up, millions of people worldwide will refuse this deadly vaccine.
Best regards and thanks for an excellent article.


when me & my sister were young mawmaw took us to the dr to get shots.

after she got her shot, i saw my sis squeezeing her arm & most (if not all) of the liquid came back out through the injection hole. (lol)

but the adults saw too so they gave her another dose & made sure she didnt do it again..

REMEMBER THIS in case you are forced to take the shot-
just dont let them see you do it

Katerina Nevasky

We all need to demand that ALL Government Leaders, including World Health Org., Center for Disease Control, FEMA, and ALL STOCK HOLDERS and CEO's of all the Pharmaceutical Companies making H1N1/H5N1 FLU Shots -


Lie, claim that you already got the shot on a trip abroad.

Johnny Ancich

WOW! New test for Swine Flu unveiled! 100% accurate!


Thx for this info. I thought you were very clear and balanced in your article. You haven't referenced so I wanted to draw your attention to it as well as your readers'.

It is regularly updated with new developments, and I am interested to read a letter in NZ, to their Director General, questioning the WHO mandate for compulsory vaccination.

Also new scary epidemic outbreaks are now being reported in Ukraine and other former USSR countries. This leads me to suspect that they may repurpose the H1N1 vaccine for the next pandemic if they can frighten us into believing we need it. There is currently only a 40% uptake in the high-risk groups.

Keep up the good work! Education and informed choice is the way forward, strongly backed by a refusal to cooperate until all the facts are known!


So if this vaccine eventually triggers pain and ill health in the masses I suppose it would set up an ideal fear state for the government to introduce their "microchip implants that can fix the damage to or reduce the pain of the condition in your body" scenario?

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