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January 27, 2008


Neil Porter

Never heard of feasting until now.
I think it may appeal to people who have an eating problem, as you never actually get to "eat" anything if you do not wish to.
So maybe the temptation will be eased.

No idea what this "monkey" thing is though. I hope you haven't started juicing the poor little fellows.


Thanks for your comment, Neil. I'm sure you're right about people with eating disorders. In fact, I think raw in general attracts plenty of those, so yes, being able to avoid solid food altogether for a prolonged period would only add to the appeal for anyone who has a fear of food.

Regarding the 100th monkey reference I made, this is the theory that there is a 'collective unconscious' and that when a critical mass of people develop a certain knowledge or understanding, it is available for everyone to 'tap into'. The term was coined after researchers observed a new behaviour being picked up by monkeys living on an island in the Pacific: once a critical mass of monkeys had learned it, colonies on other islands, who'd never come into contact with the original group, spontaneously started exhibiting the very same behaviour. So....a bit like numerous raw fooders in distant parts of the globe who have never met simultaneously deciding to experiment with juice feasting. Though the monkeys are perhaps a better example of the phenomenon, because as far as I know they did *not* have internet access!! ; )


D (Foot Detox) Reservitz

I never heard of juice feasting - or fasting - before this entry either. Thanks for the info as I'm constantly struggling with weight and nutrition.

Is this healthy? Can your body really get the nutrition it needs from just juice? Are there any side effects?

Sarah responds: I'm glad you found the information useful. Stay tuned for another post on this topic soon, which will answer the above questions and many others!

Nick Matyas

Love it.
Good luck with your work. :)


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